Which thesis should be used for a compare-and-contrast essay

A thesis sentence is a sentence in the introduction that tells the reader what the topic or argument of I. COMPARISON/CONTRAST THESIS SENTENCES These templates can be used for essays where you are instructed to compare and.
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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Example thesis: While classic musicals used musical numbers to showcase artists, current musicals rely on musical numbers to advance the plot. Interested in a learning a few more tips for analyzing films? Example thesis: Harry Potter and Never Let Me Go both examine the notion of whether characters have free will or are destined to live out their fates.

Want a little more assistance analyzing poetry? Example thesis: The negative effects of alienation are central themes of both Flowers for Algernon and Catcher in the Rye. Inspired by one of compare and contrast thesis examples to write a masterpiece but having a hard time writing your own thesis? Perhaps your muse has not yet inspired you with the perfect topic or thesis for your paper. If you have a few ideas for your paper but would like to see a finished essay complete with annotations explaining what the essays do well check out 2 Compare and Contrast Essay Examples Worth Emulating.

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Compare and Contrast Essay

Susan M. Inez is a professor of English and writing goddess based out of the Northeast. In addition to a BA in English Education, an MA in Composition, and an MS in Education, Susan has 20 years of experience teaching courses on composition, writing in the professions, literature, and more. She also served as co-director of a campus writing center for 2 years. The thesis statement provides a roadmap to the rest of your essay. Stuck on Your Essay? Struggling with your homework? Handmadewriting is always happy to help you.

Place an order and pass your headache to our writer. Knowing all the approaches is one thing. Nevertheless, there is much more you need to know about this type of writing if you want to succeed. That is why every student must start with finding proper credible sources and reading them carefully. But, of course, this is only true if you were given a choice to either contrast or compare the notions. Next, take your time to craft a decent outline.

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Yes, you heard it right: you need it way before you dive into the first draft creation. Wondering how to write an outline?

How to create a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Here are several useful tips. The first thing a reader should see in your essay is an attention grabber. What can serve as one? These are the basic ideas on how to make your audience sit up and listen from the very first moment. Later on, develop this hook into a thesis statement. Usually, thesis statement presents your argument to the readers. It invites the audience to dispute your position and encourages a discussion around the topic of your choice. Here is a good example:.

Generally, college students get to choose how many main body paragraphs they want to have in their piece.

Finally, get ready to compose a top-notch closure for the piece. Even though it comes last in your essay, it must be nothing short of perfect. Studies show that conclusions are your last chance to impress a reader.

13 Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples to Inspire You

Overall, the structure of this last section is quite standard. Still, you have to take your time to polish it and make it count. Certainly, we know that finding excellent good topics sentence might be difficult. However, you can find great compare and contrast essay topics in our recent guide. Transition words are your key to the smooth reading experience. Here are two lists of transition words students should use when crafting this type of paper. We tried to cover all the information a student might need when working on a compare and contrast essay. Use this guide step by step for the best results.

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