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Is it possible to defend the idea that Satan is the true hero of Paradise Lost? Explain why or why not. 3. Given the contexts of biography, time, and subject.
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For each week we will read one book from Paradise Lost , coupled with sections from a prose work and an article from the Companion to Milton. We will closely analyse the language and form of the poem, while also looking at how Milton used the medium of epic poetry to explore the various political and religious questions also addressed in his prose tracts. We will also familiarize ourselves with some of the recent scholarly work on Milton. Students will gain a broader understanding of the work of John Milton, and of seventeenth-century literature more generally, and of current critical debates about Milton and his contemporaries.

Students will share analytical and critical views on the texts ascribed in class discussions and short presentations, and will focus research skills in the writing of two papers. The timetable will be available by July 1st on the website. John Milton, Paradise Lost, ed.

ISBN Other good editions of Paradise Lost are also allowed. You will be asked to log on to your ULCN account.

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Further material to be downloaded via Blackboard. Students should register through uSis. If you have any questions, please contact the departmental office, tel. When registering students of the MA Literary studies take priority. The inheritance of Eden with its promised immortality is gone. Original sin—a sort of handicap—is passed on. It is because of these few that God continues creation and sends His son to renew his covenant with man, so humans may once again attain immortality. At the end of time, both heaven and earth will be renewed, but until then, the fall has to play itself out, according to the law of cause and effect.

Milton was a radical Protestant, a Puritan who wanted to reform church and government. He was a great scholar, using parts of the Bible, classical literature, and other Christian poets, as well as his own imagination, in his poem. The drama of the Greeks and Shakespeare gave him models for characterization and dialogue. Much of his world in Paradise Lost is so familiar, one may not be aware of the radical additions he made to the story. For instance, Milton disliked the doctrine of the trinity and makes Christ created by God as his Son, therefore, not equal to the Father, an Arian heresy V, Milton did not believe, like most theologians, that God created the world ex nihilo , out of nothing.

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He shows God through the agency of Christ shaping creation from the warring atoms of Chaos VII, Milton puts the earth in the middle of the cosmos, as it was in medieval theory, but he had met Galileo, knew the theory of the sun in the center, and uses several references to telescopes in the poem. That is, he did not believe there were two forces at work, such as good and evil, spiritual and material. For instance, before the fall, Adam and Eve enjoy physical life, such as sleeping, eating, and making love. They enjoy their senses, because the senses are not divorced from Reason.

The angel Raphael explains that even angels are able to eat food and make love, although their senses are more refined V, In the war in heaven, the angels wound each other, and Satan explodes things with gunpowder VI, Milton was criticized for his fleshy angels and material heaven, but he believed in the literal truth of the Bible and did not want to make the scenes merely metaphoric or symbolic. It is Satan who is the great dualist, and the Tree of Good and Evil, the tree of polarization.

The Tree of Life is a path of unity. This was another image of the unity of God with His creation, everything laid out in orderly layers of creation, from the lowest to the highest, in its place, according to its ability to reflect divine Reason. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

Please check back weekly to see what we have added. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments or would like any additional information. Thanks for checking out our website. More Details.

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