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Growing up in so many continents, countries and cities, I never had a chance to put down roots. But since returning to the Emirates, I have felt.
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Emirati Women's Day: 10 Emirati women shaping the future of the UAE

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This period coincides with the booming copper industry. A multitude of small and hive-shaped tombs were discovered in that region. Ruins of a huge agricultural settlement were found in the Al Ain area, suggesting that people made a living from growing corn and wheat crops.

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The most important ruins discovered from this age are the mass graves and the ancient settlements at Jebel Hafeet and the Hili area in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, as well as the mass graves in Jebel Emalah near Al Dhaid area in Sharjah. About forty mounds, many round tombs and several mass graves were found at the Umm al Nar sites. Near these tombs, ruins were also found of a settlement with stone houses and stone utensils similar to funeral tools.

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Other tools, used in cooking, were also found. All of these provide evidence that these houses date back to the same period of the tombs. Archaeological missions found a house that had seven rectangular rooms. Pottery fragments of Red utensils, bones of cattle, fish, turtles and camels as well as copper tools were also found.

These artifacts show how the people of that period were dependent on fishing. The Umm al Nar period represented the apex of the Bronze Age civilization as it established solid trade links with the Mesopotamian civilization and Harappan Civilization in the Indus Valley now Pakistan.

Its mass tombs are large, circular and made of stone. There are more than graveyards belonging to that period in different parts of the UAE. The most important archaeological discoveries in this period are a number of tombs, spearheads, pots and gold and silver jewelry in Shamil in Ras al Khaimah, Khorfakkan and Jebel al Buhais in Sharjah and Al Qusais in Dubai. These finds indicate that such a civilization saw setbacks in this period, possibly due to harsh climatic changes or to the end of the copper trade with Mesopotamia.