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Free Essay: Morality has always been an unacknowledged and crucial role in defining ethics. Principles tend to be a virtue that applies only within society.
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Citation : Karuzis, J. Eudaimonia , i. A virtuous character is cultivated, and the life of a virtuous human is a life that is lived well, and is lived according to moral virtues which are developed through proper habits.

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It is through this development and practice of moral virtues by which one achieves eudaimonia , for this well-being is achieved by partaking in actions that are virtuous. The study of ethics for Aristotle is a practical science. Although through the study of ethics one may acquire theoretical knowledge, it is practical knowledge, or practical wisdom, that is most important for Aristotle when engaged in a search to define and cultivate a life that is well-lived. The topics and arguments contained within this paper will be of interest and relevance to both those who are interested in ancient Greek philosophy and to those that are concerned with ethics in the modern world.

But they have little to say about why we make moral judgments in the first place. Normative theories might correctly explain the proximate causes that lead us to make moral judgments now, but not address the ultimate cause for why we are following moral rules in the first place. This is where evolution comes in. Again, evolution seems to provide an important part of the answer.

Farber provides a comprehensive introduction to this misuse of appeals to evolution in making ethical judgments or arguments. See, e. Farber, P. The T emptations of E volutionary E thics.

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    Philosophy of Ethics Essay

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