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What assumption can be made about Arkady's and Bazarov's characters by observing the manner in which they treat their own parents and each other's parents? How does Fenichka function in the novel? How would the novel be different if she were omitted? What is the function of Sitnikov and Kukshina? How effective is Turgenev's presentation of these characters?

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Previous Quiz. Next Cite this Literature Note. Rose puts all her time, effort and faith into her husband and son Cory , but is stunted when Troy reveals that he has fathered a child Raynell by Alberta his secret lover. While Troy tries to explain that the affair occurred due to him wanting an escape from his life of stress and anxiety, Rose stands up for herself and finally realizes that all her time and effort has been wasted. As a result Rose finds her strength in the midst of this conflict as well as forms a bond with Raynell. Being with Troy, Rose felt that she gave up her strength in order for Troy to have his and because of this situation she was able to find herself again.

The conflict in the story that I mostly identify with is the conflict between Troy and Cory.

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Cory is about 17 or 18 during the beginning of the story and has a passion for football. From the first encounter that is shown between Cory and Troy you get a glimpse of the relationship between the two. From early on in the story Troy is shown trying to teach Cory the importance of responsibility but his style of parenting and way of communication comes across so harsh that the message is lost onto Cory.

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Conflict arises when Cory wants to play football in hopes of earning a scholarship but is shut down by Troy who believes Cory should work and play football as just a hobby or not at all. Although this seems as a good action, the way Troy goes about this is very damaging and further pushes Cory away.

Troy grew up with a father who showed loved through being responsible for his children. That is exactly how Troy is but he does not see how just as his fathers actions caused him to run away, the same thing was happening with Cory. First, said Gregory there was no more adequate theologian than the Lord himself, who without compulsion or mistake designated the Godhead "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" See Mt Further, Gregory said, these names are not indications that God is a male or a man; for God transcends human gender.

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Rather, these names imply relationships among the Persons of the Trinity and distinguish them as separate Persons who exist in a community of love. The names lead us to contemplate the correct relationships among the three Persons; they are clues to the inner life of the Trinity.

Thus, the human term "Father" leads one naturally to think of another member of the Trinity, to contemplate more than is suggested by a term such as "Creator" or "Maker".

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By calling God "Father", Gregory notes, one understands that there exists with God a Child from all eternity, a second Person who rules with him, is equal and eternal with him. This is the mode of existence, the way of origin and being, of the First Person of the Trinity.

He acts in trinitarian life in a mode of existence akin to that of a father in the earthly realm. Before time, within the mystery of the Holy Trinity, God generated another Person, the Son, as human fathers generate seed. Nowhere does Gregory, suggest that this "Father" is a male creature: "It is clear that this metaphor contains a deeper meaning than the obvious one", he notes. The deeper meaning, is found in a passage of Paul to the Ephesians: "For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family patria, fatherhood in heaven and on earth receives its true name" Eph This passage implies that God is the one, true, divine Father, whose generative function human fathers imitate in a creaturely imperfect way.

When God generates a Child, the generation is eternal and transcends time and space, unlike human fathers, who imitate this generative function but arc bound in time space, and creaturely "passions," as Gregory notes Against Eunomius , Book 4. All the patristic writers insist that God is not male, but God possesses a generative characteristic, for which the best analogy in the human realm is that of a human father generating seed.

Hence, the word "Father" for God is the human word most adequate to describe the First Person of the Holy Trinity, who possesses this unique characteristic.

The divine Father is as different from earthly fathers as the divine is from the human. Nevertheless, it is fatherhood and not motherhood which describes his mode of life, his relationship to the Second Person of the Trinity, and even his personal characteristics.

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