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Clytemnestra S Role In Agamemnon. Essay, Research Paper. Clytemnestra s role in Agamemnon. Agamemnon is a great Greek tragedy play. It s a story of the .
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The events of the Trojan War are recounted in Homer's Iliad. The play's tragic events occur as a result of the crimes committed by Agamemnon's family.

Justice and Gender in the Oresteia

Meanwhile, Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to gain a favorable wind to Troy, and Clytemnestra murders him to avenge her death. Tragedies were Athenian, reflecting the taste and intellectual climate of mid fifth century Athens. The weight of history and heritage becomes a major theme of the play, and indeed of the entire trilogy, for the family it depicts cannot escape the cursed cycle of bloodshed from its past.

Aeschylus wrote this victory-winning trilogy in Athens, B. His participation in a loosely organized political group is thought to have influenced his works. His political faction included Pericles, who led Athens to the height of its political power and its artistic achievement with democracy.

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Pericles group believed in expanding democratic base of citizens, in manifesting Athens imperial claims, and in fostering a foreign policy that was anti-Spartan. Sparta had suffered defeat during an uprising in a nearby city-state. This Spartan failure upset the balance of power, which Pericles group wished to exploit.

Orestia Clytemnestra Essays

Argos, a city-state in the heart o f the Peloponnesos, without a powerful Sparta, extended control over some smaller neighboring cities. In , Argos, Athens, and Thessaly formed an informal alliance.

Agamemnon by Aeschylus - Motifs

In , Argos changed her constitution from aristocratic to democratic. Her assembly, courts, and other features mimicked those of Athens. Something to note is Palmieri 3 whether or not these events had any influence over Aeschylus decision to move the locale of the entire myth from Mycenae the Homeric version of the epic to Argos!

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In response to these democratic reforms, other political groups attacked the reforms. Ephialtes, the original leader of the quasi-democratic faction, was assassinated; his position was taken by Pericles. This can be paralleled to Aeschylus theme in Agamemnon. Furthermore, Clytemnestra can be referred to as Pericles, who assassinates The King and restores his power with her own--see a connection?

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Implications for city-state is also prevalent and important. The idea of class unity and a just society can be reflected in Aeschylus work. So the son of Agamemnon, Orestes, murders his mother to avenge the murder of his father.

Clytemnestra dies not Just because of her adultery but for her treachery. The Homecoming-rituals shape the dramatic structure of the play.

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In the first half of the play Clytemnestra deliberately perverts all the rituals involved in the homecoming of the king. This is an ntentional and important aspect of her character and a way for the queen to assert her power. She makes the elders of Argos wait for her answer at the palace, when they came to ask her about the sacrificial fires burning in every major and minor shrine in the town.

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However, Clytemnestra masterfully uses rhetoric worthy of a man, and in the end the elders admit defeat The queen disparages the herald who arrives to inform her of the safe return of Agamemnon. Clytemnestra cuts off his announcement by telling him that she already knows of the victory and claims that her husband will tell her everything she needs to know When Agamemnon arrives, Clytemnestra assumes control of the situation by arriving late and giving a lengthy and garrulous welcoming speech to ner husband 8 Finally, in the tamous arpet-scene , the queen persuades Agamemnon to offend the gods by walking on the luxurious purple clothes and straight to his death by her actions, Clytemnestra has managed to break with all the traditional Greek customs and rituals related to the homecoming of a king.

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